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Air Conditioning (HVAC), Water Generation, Alternative and Renewable Energy

The design of a fundamentally new heat pump on the Maysotsenko-cycle: 4 in 1 air conditioner, recuperator, humidifier and air heater.

Valery Stepanovich Maysotsenko is one of the most prominent inventors of the USSR, an internationally recognized scientist in the field of thermodynamics, the winner of the AHR Expo-2015 Innovation Awards.

The Maisotsenko cycle, M-cycle is an alternative, cheap, renewable energy source from the ability of the atmosphere to be saturated with moisture (or in scientific terms — psychrometric energy, the use of latent air heat, creating a difference in enthalpies (thermal function) of dry and humidified air).

The basis of the M-cycle climatic technology is a heat and mass transfer device (TMT), in which seasonal cooling (in summer) or heating (in winter) of air to a temperature close to the dew point temperature occurs. The device uses 2 types of cells with dry and wet channels. Wetting takes place at the bottom of the device; water rises through the evaporating material and is distributed through the wet channels due to their capillary and porous structure. The dry working and wet working channels always pass the atmosphere in air conditioner mode in summer or warm air (exhaust gas) in pump mode in winter, cooling by evaporation or heating by condensation of water vapor without increasing the humidity of the product air.

M-cycle is the regenerative indirect evaporative cooling and condensation heating of air. M-air conditioners of the previous 2nd generation are serially produced in the world with energy consumption 10 times less than that of vapor compression units. The tested prototype of the M-heat pump consumes 3 times less heat than is required for comfortable heating of the room.

Additional patents for the M-cycle are the water desalination, getting water from air, heat recovery, getting the alternative energy, the improvement of engines and turbines.

Sector: Water supply Energy

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