About the Business Russia

Business Russia is an All-Russia public organization uniting over 7 thousand entrepreneurs – owners of the fast-growing and hi-tech companies of the non-raw materials sector of economy. Total number of employees of the Business Russia enterprises is over 3 million people, and total annual revenue of the enterprises is about 37 billion dollars a year. Founded in 2001, today Business Russia is introduced in all federal subjects of the Russian Federation.


billion dollars
total annual revenues of the «Business Russia» companies


billion dollars


million people
work places

Business Russia is the union of entrepreneurs:

  • who develop high technology production and are focused on the Russian and international markets irrespective of the direction of their business, its size and location;
  • whose success formula depends not on richness redistribution in the country, but on the growing professionalism, implementation of modern innovational technologies and methods of management, strategic planning, improvement of work performance and implementation of social programs;
  • who value their reputation and seek to conform to the international corporate standards.

Development of the international activity remains strategic priorities of the Business Russia. The most important components of this work are assistance in implementation of export and investment projects of the organization's members, promotion of interests and goodwill of the Russian business in the foreign countries.
Institute of business ambassadors of the Business Russia is a key mechanism of an entry into the foreign markets, search of foreign partners and receiving primary support for member – entrepreneurs of the Business Russia.

Total number of business ambassadors of the Business Russia is 43persons.

In January, 2018 Maksim A. Zagornov was appointed to the position of the business ambassador of the Business Russia in the United Arab Emirates.