Metallurgical holding NOVOSTAL-M

Production of steel billets, rebar, wire rod, wire with various types of coating, shaped rolled products

Novostal-M is a metallurgical holding, the main assets of which are Abinsk Electrometallurgical Plant and Balakovo Metallurgical Plant.

Balakovo Metallurgical Plant is an advanced mini-plant with a capacity of over 1 million tons of long products per year, located in the city of Balakovo in the Saratov Region. A high-speed rolling mill of a new generation and its own shipment capacities allow the company to produce and deliver products of consistently high quality in a short time.

Export products:

  • Steel billet (130130, 150150, 150180, 200200 mm)
  • Rebar (8–40mm)
  • Cold worked rebar (5–14mm)
  • Wire rod (5,5–25,0mm)
  • Zinc-coated wire (1,0–6,0mm)
  • Coper coated wire (0,8–4,0mm)
  • Welding steel wire (1,2–6,0mm)
  • Steel angle (25–100mm)
  • Steel Channel
  • Steel Strips
Sector: Metallurgy

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