Construction of 600 kW - 100 MW gas piston power plants

MKC GROUP is an industrial corporation represented in 4 countries: Russia, Germany, Kazakhstan, United Arab Emirates. It is specialized in construction of turnkey energy facilities. MKC designs, builds and operates gas piston power plants from 600 kW to 10 MW of unit capacity, which can be assembled into power complexes up to 100 MW.

MKC GROUP is the official distributor of Caterpillar Energy Solutions GmbH. In its projects MKC uses the MWM engines (Germany). The main engine series are 1 MW, 2 MW, 4.5 MW and 10 MW. Power plants operate with gas (natural, associated oil with pretreatment).

Currently the MKC GROUP DMCC (UAE) is making power plants' packaging in the United Arab Emirates. These projects can be interesting to the Arab businesses in terms of efficiency and payback time. In addition, MKC GROUP DMCC is ready to build power plants for the subsequent electric power sale.

Sector: Energy

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