Feb 10, 2023

Maksim Zagornov talks about the UAE Trade House performance to the members of Retail Trade Committee of Business Russia

On February 8, Business Ambassador of Business Russia to the UAE Maksim Zagornov took part in the Business Russia Retail Trade Committee meeting.Online participation from Dubai was arranged.

Maksim Zagornov spoke about the peculiarities of doing business in the Emirates in the current economic conditions. He shared his experience in establishing and operating the Trade House in the UAE.

The organization established in February 2022 received over 200 queries from entrepreneurs of the business association. Optimal solutions were found for most of them.

The most popular queries were related to the selection of partners and clients in the UAE, registration of companies and opening of settlement accounts as well as export projects implementation assistance. Today, the Trade House unites international experts to work both in Russia and in the UAE.

This year, it was decided to expand the team. As Mikhail Kuchment, Chairman of Business Russia Retail Trade Committee and co-founder of Hoff, says, the Trade House team headed by Maksim Zagornov has proven its high professionalism.