Jul 14, 2023

Maksim Zagornov takes part in Business Matchmaking with Trade Representatives of the Russian Federation abroad

On June 12, Business Ambassador of Business Russia to the UAE Maksim Zagornov took part in the Business Matchmaking with Trade Representatives of the Russian Federation abroad. The event organized by Business Russia, the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia and the Agency for Strategic Initiatives was held at Business Russia mansion on Delegatskaya Street as part of the "Week of Trade Representatives".

The Business Matchmaking was attended by over 50 Russian Trade Representatives abroad and about 250 Russian entrepreneurs ready to develop foreign economic relations and expand their geographic footprint. In the course of individual consultations, businesses representatives and trade representatives discussed the specific features of relevant foreign markets, evaluated export potential of the products and developed particular steps to expand foreign economic activities.

The B2B meetings were preceded by a conference where the trade representatives learnt about opportunities provided by Business Russia and the Agency for Strategic Initiatives.

In particular, Pavel Titov, President of Business Russia, spoke about the institution of Business Russia business ambassadors highlighting the fact that it is the fruitful communication between business ambassadors and trade representatives that gave birth to brand new tools to promote not only traditional raw export products but also a wide range of Russian brands. "Trade missions have a lot of tools that, I am sure, will be useful to entrepreneurs," Pavel Titov stressed.

During the conference, Business Ambassador of Business Russia to the UAE, Director of MKC Group of Companies Maksim Zagornov spoke about the successful cooperation with the Russian Trade Representative in the United Arab Emirates Andrey Terekhin and proposed to intensify the information exchange between the Trade Mission and Business Russia.

"Today, it is important to establish regular information exchange, including that regarding ongoing tenders, purchases, large projects in the UAE which may involve companies of Business Russia. We look forward to active cooperation with the trade representatives and are ready to foster it," Maksim Zagornov said.

Dmitry Antonov, Business Ambassador of Business Russia to Iran and Senior Vice President of GAP Resource, also shared his opinion. The expert expressed his wish to strengthen cooperation with the trade missions of the Customs Union members, CIS and SCO countries.

"Working with trade representatives, we have the opportunity to adjust our strategy and tactics taking into account the peculiarities of the local market, as well as trade representatives' understanding of the circumstances about the country and its economics. Our experience tells us that the institutions of business ambassadors and trade representatives are not competitors to each other in terms of export. We all solve common tasks, we are always ready to share our relevant experience," Dmitry Antonov said.

Mikhail Khomich, Director for International Development of VEB.RF and Director for Special Projects of ASI; Mikhail Makarov, Director of the International Relations Office of ASI; Ekaterina Cherkes-zade, Director of the Creative Economy Development Center of ASI told about the key projects of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives during the conference.

Anton Alekseev and Alexey Poroshin, members of the General Council of Business Russia, shared their expertise and best practices of companies in the international track, as well as their proposals for cooperation with trade missions.