Apr 02, 2020

The «Business Russia» Ambassador to the UAE Maksim Zagornov sent an appeal to the Emirati partners

The «Business Russia» Ambassador to the United Arab Emirates Maksim Zagornov addressed the Emirati partners in connection with the difficult situation in the world economy caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and the economic crisis

In particular, the appeal states:

«On behalf of the all-Russia public organization «Business Russia» and the entire business community of our country, I express you the words of support during such uncertain times for the whole world. We have found ourselves in a new reality. The COVID-19 pandemic closed the states' borders, led to a sharp economy's slowdown, a decline in markets, changed consumption and behaviour patterns, habits and business chains. I am sure that international solidarity, responsibility and mutual assistance are in demand during such a crisis period.

It is very important to us that your company passes all these tests successfully, retains jobs and continue its effective work in the market. The crisis is a time for flexibility, agility, rapid recognition of a new reality and daring actions. And I am convinced that your company will stand in these difficult times, having acquired new experience and at the same time having preserved the most important – the team.

Today Russia, following the European countries, introduces the strict quarantine measures: large cities are closed, companies are transferred to a remote work mode, logistics and payment processes between the enterprises are slowed down. At these circumstances, the small and medium-sized businesses of the country, having mobilized all efforts to survive in this difficult period, are in the firing line.

I hope that we will all successfully get over this way and continue our cooperation. Any crisis comes to an end. The time of creation, revival and international business cooperation is upfront.»

The «Business Russia» Ambassador to the UAE Maksim Zagornov also expressed hope for continued communication, including the on-line mode, and called for the international solidarity.