Apr 24, 2020

Maksim Zagornov held a master class at the International Day of Import and Export

The COVID-19 pandemic closed the states' borders, led to a sharp slowdown in the economy, but did not bring international cooperation to zero. This is the main thesis made at the series of master classes of the «Business Russia» ambassadors held on April 23 within the framework of the online forum «International Day of Import and Export». The «Business Russia» ambassador to the UAE Maksim Zagornov told about cooperation with the United Arab Emirates in the new economic realities.

The Vice President of the Business Association Nonna Kagramanyan acted as a moderator of the «Business Russia» information block at the International Day of Import and Export. In her opening remarks she noted that the Business Ambassadors' Institute was established in 2015 and today has 43 representatives of the organization abroad. «Geography is as wide as possible: we cover CIS countries, Europe, Asia, Middle East and Africa. The Business Ambassador status provides unique opportunities: having deep competences on a specific market, being integrated into the local business elite, the business ambassador is an entry point for our business, the so-called «single window» — said Nonna Kagramanyan.

The Vice President stressed that in the current geopolitical and epidemiological situation it is important to understand which opportunities and restrictions exist when working in certain markets and asked the business ambassadors to share their lifehacks.

The «Business Russia» Ambassador to the UAE Maksim Zagornov said that the United Arab Emirates, according to the Global Response to Infectious Diseases report, was among the top ten countries where the government responded most effectively to the crisis and took unprecedented measures to support small and medium-sized businesses. The Abu Dhabi government alone has allocated $13.5 billion to implement the anti-crisis package. All this, according to the Business Ambassador, will necessarily affect the support of the international business cooperation, including the one with the Russian Federation.

As Maksim Zagornov noted, export operations with the UAE did not «pause» even in today's unparalleled situation, although they adjusted the instruments of interaction, shifted their emphasis to the new commodity niches and new territories. For example, it is now that the active phase of negotiations with the free economic zone KIZAD has begun, where the Russian exporters are awaited.

«Any crisis will end up — the time of creation and international business cooperation will begin" said Maksim Zagornov. "The UAE is one of the most advanced, technologically developed countries. That is why this direction is one of the most promising for the Russian exports' growth».

Also, the International Day of Import and Export hosted the master classes of the «Business Russia» ambassadors in Uzbekistan Mikhail Panchenkov, in Berlin and North Rhine-Westphalia Sergey Gebel, in India Olga Kulikova, in Nigeria Maksim Dorotov, in Monaco Dmitry Panov.

NB: The International Day of Import and Export was organized by the Association of Exporters and Importers, the Moscow Association of Entrepreneurs with the support of the «Business Russia». The recording of the online broadcast is available at — https://facecast.net/v/bc5ts5. «Business Russia» master classes block 06.05.45 - 07.02.15