May 26, 2020

Happy Russian Entrepreneurship Day!

On May 26, the country celebrates the Day of Russian Entrepreneurship. The «Business Ambassador» of the «Business Russia» to the UAE, Chairman of the Distributed Power Generation Subcommittee of the «Business Russia» Energy Committee, CEO of the MKS Group of Companies Maksim Zagornov addressed the business community.

Today the country celebrates the Russian Entrepreneurship Day. It is probably the first time in the 13-year history of this holiday that it takes place in such an alarming, unfestive atmosphere. Already being under pressure from the supervisory bodies, the Russian business this year has faced new challenges: the coronavirus pandemic, causing the worst financial and economic crisis. Analysts estimate that by August 2020, at least 1 million Russian small and medium-sized entrepreneurs will have to leave business. It will take years to recover these losses, to restore the whole sectors of the economy.

And yet the real entrepreneur is a wrestler, a creator. It is a person who fully defends the interests of his enterprise and his team. Today I would like to wish all those who are the part of the business community (in Russia there are over 2.56 million legal entities and 3.46 million individual entrepreneurs) - a strong will and self-possession, competent decisions and courage. Today is the time to quickly reconstruct the business processes, optimize the costs, including the ones for the energy resources. Now we have already developed certain solutions that will help the Russian enterprises to reduce the energy costs by significant 10%.

Helping businesses to stand its ground today means it can help the Russian economy tomorrow.

We are for business. Happy Russian Entrepreneurship Day!

Maksim Zagornov,

Business Ambassador of the «Business Russia» to the UAE, CEO of the MKS Group of Companies