Oct 20, 2023

Development of distributed power generation, APEF-2023 in Bangkok

On October 20, a panel session "Development of distributed power generation in remote and isolated areas of the Asia-Pacific Region: the role of the state and business" was held in the frames of the Third Asian and Pacific Energy Forum in Bangkok. The event was organized by Distributed Power Generation Association, Far East and Arctic Development Corporation and All-Russia Public Organization "Business Russia".

The session was opened by Sergey Mochalnikov, Deputy Minister of Energy of the Russian Federation. He spoke about approaches to the Sustainable Development Goals to ensure universal access to affordable, reliable, sustainable, and modern energy sources for all.

According to Sergey Mochalnikov, developing distributed power generation based on local available resources including renewable energy sources is a tool to achieve Sustainable Development Goals in remote and isolated areas of our country, primarily in the Far East and the Arctic, in line with developing the centralized energy and gas infrastructure.

"The development of distributed power generation in remote and isolated areas is one of the key directions of the state energy policy and is a rational tool for achieving Sustainable Development Goals. We are quite experienced in this field and interested in developing international cooperation with the countries of the Asia-Pacific region, where it is a topical issue," said Sergey Mochalnikov.

Maksim Gubanov, Head of Energy and Public Utilities Department of Far East and Arctic Development Corporation, spoke about the interaction between the state and businesses in implementing local energy investment projects in the Far East and the Arctic. According to him, to ensure timely modernization of inefficient diesel, fuel oil and coal generation based on up-to-date technologies, including renewable energy sources, and a qualitative transition to smart energy system in isolated territories, it is necessary to attract private investments and develop public-private partnership tools.

In close cooperation with the governmental authorities, power companies, investors, and scientists, we have developed several state support measures necessary for this business using a specialized local energy systems development fund which will significantly increase the number of new investment projects and improve the quality of current energy technologies. We are interested in sharing best practices with the states of the Asia-Pacific region and look forward to developing international cooperation aimed at achieving the Sustainable Development Goals," Maksim Gubanov said.

The session was moderated by Maksim Zagornov, President of Distributed Power Generation Association, Chairman of Distributed Power Generation Subcommittee and Business Ambassador of Business Russia to the UAE, Director of MKC Group of Companies. Distributed Power Generation Association is engaged in establishing the international distributed energy market, implementing innovative energy projects in the Russian and foreign markets, and is a long-term partner of Far East and Arctic Development Corporation in conducting large-scale power sector events.

"We see a lot of potential in implementing of distributed generation investment projects in the Asia-Pacific region as well as ample opportunities for business development. Our partners from Russia and the United Arab Emirates are looking at this market with interest since it provides opportunities to use most advanced and up-to-date solutions to ensure guaranteed energy supply to consumers. The development of international cooperation in this area makes it possible to scale unique technological solutions and ensure a reduction in the cost of energy for consumers," Maksim Zagornov mentioned.

The session was attended by representatives of Russian energy companies, as well as businesses from various countries of the Asia-Pacific region, including the Philippines, Maldives and Malaysia. As a result of the session, a decision was made to strengthen international cooperation and further discuss the possibilities of implementing joint energy projects.

For reference: The Asia-Pacific Energy Week, incorporating the Asian and Pacific Energy Forum, the key event, was held on October 16 - 20 in Bangkok (Kingdom of Thailand) and brought together representatives of the world energy elite. The motto of the Forum was "Building a secure, sustainable and interconnected energy future for the Asia-Pacific region".